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Web Professional

Goliath Web Professional is a dynamic content management system which was initially designed for the experiences industry but can now offer ALL businesses a fantastic website which is under your control.

In-house Website Design

Goliath has a specialist team of designers who can create for you a professional, cutting edge website that will reflect the image you wish to convey of your organisation. We are always willing to find you cost-effective ways of presenting a fantastic web presence to your customers, and will work with you step by step to get the look you need.

Our designers are happy to work with your existing ideas regarding layout, colour schemes, logos etc; or working with you, we can create a new design for you giving your site a fresh look, but at the same time maintaining your corporate identity.

The flexibility of Goliath Website Professional allows you to easily manage all content within your site...

Website Features

  • In-house website designers
  • Database driven content management which means you can...
    • Easily update and manage existing pages
    • Easily add new pages/news items/pop-up windows
    • Keep the site fresh looking by updating images and changing the images on your site via the picture library

Online Sales Features

Plus for those who wish to expand their online presence to offer customers the ability to buy merchandise or book tickets/make resevations via your website, Web Professional also offers...

  • E-commerce solution ticketing and merchandise
  • Online reservations and voucher sales
  • E-vouchers
  • Online voucher redemption
  • Online agent bookings

To view how the Goliath Web Professional has been implemented by our clients visit our Gallery Page, or why not Contact Us to see how we can help your company get the most from the web with Web Professional.

Goliath News

Employment Opportunity

An exciting opportunity has become available for someone wishing to utilise their existing IT and web design skills within our Customer Support department. More...

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