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About our Company


Goliath has been produced by a small specialist team, possessing extensive hands-on knowledge of the Experiences Industry, reservation technology, niche software development and the travel industry.

It is the product of more than three years of consultation, system specification and software development, funded by sizeable private investment. Goliath has been produced with the support and assistance of key Experience Agents and Activity Suppliers within the Experiences Industry in the UK to ensure the final product offers users the greatest potential for revenue maximization and increased administrative efficiency.

Many of the functions within Goliath are based on technology established and proven in the travel industry and will increase efficiency and profitability as well as opening new distribution channels.


The Goliath Reservation System (“Goliath”) began life as a web-based package which would enable Activity Suppliers to become part of the world's first central clearing system specifically designed for the Experiences Industry.

From Goliath’s first days, its development path has continually shifted as the complex internal procedures of Experience Agents and Activity Suppliers have been explored, and ultimately addressed within its parameters.

Goliath’s main aim - of providing an effective independent on-line booking facility for the Experiences Industry - has however, never been lost, and ultimately this shift in development has added numerous levels of increased functionality for Activity Suppliers, and we now provide an emense range of functionality to assist with internal admin and sales functions.

Software enhancements are in constant progress and future phases have been planned and are prioritised in conjunction with the needs of subscribers.

To discuss how Goliath could be utilised in your business please contact us for a personal demonstration and full system introduction.

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